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Obscure promotion is leading extreme metal promoter in the Czech Republic. For contact list please follow this page.

Here's easy how to buy tickets from obscure.cz

Please note that we accept credit card payments and bank transfers only at the moment. DO NOT REPLY to the automatically generated emails. If you have questions regarding tickets, please use tickets@obscure.cz

First you need to create an account at our site, then you just fill in order in couple of easy steps. 


1. navigate to our website http://obscure.cz and click „PŘIHLÁSIT“ (next to facebook in the upper menu)
2. click „vytvořte“ (set up an account)
3. set up username, fill in required info
4. log in


1. go to http://obscure.cz/cs/events/
2. select Your desired gig and click Koupit e-ticket (price)
3. select number of tickets and click "Přidat do košíku a zaplatit" (add to basket and pay)
4. click „Zaplatit“ (pay)
5. select credit card and click "Pokračovat" (proceed)
6. check the checkbox „souhlasím s Obchodními podmínkami“ (I accept the terms)
7. pay
8. shortly after the payment is accepted by our bank you will get your tickets in .pdf on the e-mail you used for setting up your account

You can either print the tickets out or just present them on Your smartphone at the box office!